About Gather

Gather Church is a fellowship of diverse people seeking to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength by loving the greatest and the least with all our might.

We meet in Centralia, Washington and hold our primary service on Saturday night at 5:30.  For more info go to: www.gatherchurch.com


5 responses to “About Gather

  • Steve Russell

    Nice comment on perspective. I had a brilliant vision of kingdom university yesterday, almost called you. I have been working on a progressive and integrative model of truly human experience grounded in the four dimensions of identity, purpose, freedom and destiny. The way identity is progressive and the the goals achieved today are integrated into identity and redefine purpose for tomorrow. Also how the free will and destiny continuum reates to the worldly concept of power and control. The vision was a four story building, the ground floor explores the multifaceted elements of identity, personal, vocational, community and spiritual (robust system of beliefs). The second level is about passion, commitment, deication (Freudian slip!) dedication and vocation again. The freedom to choose to agree with destiny is fundamental of ethical thought, behavior and feeling. Beginning with the end in mind, what might this all look like in the promise and light of resurrection Life and New Creation? Still working on a comprehensive model that could even begin to bring all these elements together.
    Loving and missing you:

    • gatherchurchblog

      Sounds absolutely wonderful Steve. It is quite reminiscent of the 4 fold perspective of Dr. A.B.Simpson & the subsequent C&MA statement of faith focusing on the Christological confession of Jesus as Savior (identity), Sanctifier (purpose), Healer (purpose) and Coming King (destiny) only you are coming at it from perspective of the transforming life of the believer. As for the free will and power/control, your barkin’ right up my tree all the more- which I am sure you know! Good stuff! We need to get together soon!! Love ya. ~Cole

  • rschaeffer

    I was just wondering if u do baptisms (For adults)or if u happin to be accosiated with a church who does…

  • Sheryl Powell

    Hi, I visit my in laws in Centralia every couple months, (Dick and Jo Powell) I have gone to Gather church. I love it! It reminds me of a church I attended when I was in college, that was part college ministry and part street people ministry. I love what you are doing. Praise God for His ministry through you.


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