Saturday 8.11.12 @ Gather

Your inmost being can see things your eyeballs cannot.  If you limit reality to what you can see with your eyes, you are crazy.  Actually, no one really does this anyway.  Some may say they do, but they really don’t.  Case in point, can you see love?  Sure, there are some tangible expressions of love that you can point to say, “that is love.”  But just because you can see love in action, does not mean you can see the thing we call “love” that lies deep within us and leads us to those actions.  Love is something that wells up in you and sometimes you can even feel it, but you certainly cannot see it and what is more, it is always there even when you cannot feel it at times.  Love is simply something deep in us that is unseen with our eyes, but it is just as real as the screen in front of you—maybe realer.  There is mystery to this and we need mysterious ways to talk about such mysterious and unseeable things.  Scripture often speaks of these things as in our “heart” or our “inmost being.”  However, for some, there seems to be a disconnect and the “heart” has become unable to “see” or experience some of these deep-within-us-things.  This is what is sometimes called “spiritual blindness.” The recovery of this mysterious ability, for one’s inmost being to see, is what Paul prays for others to receive in Ephesians 1:18.  Why?  Because he wants people to have hope!  It seems that to see the things that inspire us with hope we must have good heart eyes.  This is because the things of true hope are things that lie beyond regular eyes to see.  Please join us this Saturday as we discuss this hope—it WILL be powerful.


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