Saturday 8.4.12 @ Gather

You are the heir to a fortune too rich for words.  It’s true.   If you are in Christ you are awaiting an inheritance beyond measure and you have been marked with a seal that guarantees this inheritance-the Holy Spirit.  The seal of the Holy Spirit means that God has laid claim to you.  He has marked you out as his, you are his possession and as his possession he has an inheritance for you!  So, what is this inheritance you ask?  Well, for now you will have to be satisfied with the answer of redemption.  If you want to find out more on what exactly redemption is, you will have to join us Saturday at 5:30!  Before I go though, let me ask you this.  If you received a letter in the mail that you believed to be legitimate and that letter said you were the heir to an inheritance would you go and find out more?


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