Saturday 7.28.12 @ Gather

This Saturday we are embarking on a journey through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (actually it was likely a circular letter and had a wider audience than the Ephesians in mind).   In the opening chapter, Paul writes some stunning things about what God is up to in the lives of believers, including himself.  He says, God has blessed us, chosen us, predestined us, given us grace and redemption, lavished on us riches and revealed the mystery of His will!  Wow, those are some powerful words.  We will be looking at most of these this Saturday, but I want to say something about the last—he has “revealed the mystery of His will.”  The mystery God has revealed is specifically concerning the way he is reconciling the cosmos.  He is reconciling it by bringing “unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.”  Reconciliation is a relational word that encapsulates the idea of righting a relationship gone wrong.  I think it important to point out that Paul writes that this reconciliation impacts not some things, not a few things, but “all things.”  I want you to just think on that for a moment and join us this Saturday at 5:30!


One response to “Saturday 7.28.12 @ Gather

  • steven willis

    He is reconciling us to himself and also us to eachother. The reason for this paul says is because God has placed Jesus over everything for the church which is his body which is the fullness of him. For Jesus’ will is to glorify his father in heaven. Further more he has blessed us with the holy spirit which is the deposit of our salvation.

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