Saturday 7.14.12 @ Gather

The STP is coming to town.  What is the STP?  It is the Seattle To Portland Bicycle Ride organized by Cascade Bicycle Club out of Seattle.  Over 10,000 riders– yep, that is TEN THOUSAND– will convene on Centralia all rolling just 1/2 a block from our church building.  Most of these 10k plus riders + support staff will be staying in the Centralia/Chehalis area overnight.

We are taking this opportunity to *hopefully* raise some funds for our clothing and food banks as well as make some new friends.  From 1 pm to 6:30 pm we will be serving hamburgers, pasta salad, chips, espresso and Italian sodas.  The recommended donation is $6.50.  We will be having our regular meal service which will kick off at 5:30pm.

On Sunday morning the espresso bar will be open starting at 6am.

One other thing– my just-turned 7 year old son (Noah) and I are riding the STP on our tandem.  Should be a blast.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Bless you, ~Pastor Cole


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