Saturday 5.26.12 @ Gather

Humans need leading.  We may not want to admit it, but we do long for it.  We have a deep need to know that we are heading somewhere meaningful and that our lives matter.  Truth be told, whether we realize it or not, we are all being led by someone or something.  We have all been conditioned—influenced to view our world and our lives in certain ways that lead our daily life.  These influences guide our decision-making and those decisions often determine where our lives are going.  So the question is not are you being led, but who or what is leading you and is this you?

For the Christian the answer should be easy.  We are led by the Holy Spirit in the way of Christ and into eternal life.  But there is still a problem.  Even as Christians it seems we are often led by other influences and follow other leading.  It seems that this leading is often that which justifies, as the Apostle Paul puts is, gratifying the desires of the sinful nature.  This is not surprising since it is this nature that is shaped by those other influences mentioned above.  We use the logic of these influences to resist the Spirit’s leading.  This is in large part (if not entirely) because the Spirit leads us in Jesus’ way, which is at odds with our sinful nature’s way.  Unlike our sinful nature’s way, Jesus’ way often includes suffering and is never self-glorifying.

The dilemma of whose leading will you follow is often represented in pop culture by an angel and devil on your shoulder.  The angel is trying to get you to do something good, the devil something bad.  This is actually a helpful image.  It embraces the fact we are faced with life impacting decisions and that some options are not good.  But for as much as it is helpful, it is only as good as the voices represented by those two.  What I mean is this, sometimes we are bombarded with may options and neither of the two we listen to, assuming we can even narrow it down that far, are of the Spirit.  I don’t mean to sound harsh, but the reality is that we are not familiar enough with the way of life the Spirit is leading us in.  This problem is complex, but the way through is simple.  What we must do is talk about it.  We must talk about the very fact that there is a Holy Spirit that is leading our lives.  We must talk about the path the Spirit is leading on and this is the path of Jesus.  In other words, the way of Jesus is the way of life and it is that life way that the Spirit leads.  If we are to recognize the Spirit’s leading in our lives we must (re)discover the way of Jesus.  The perspective we must have is this—the Holy Spirit is the leading and empowering presence of God for living life in Jesus’ likeness today.  Let’s talk about it!  Let’s discover the way of Jesus together!  Let’s discern the leading of the Holy Spirit together!  Yes, let’s learn to live in Jesus’ way through the leading of the Holy Spirit to the glory of the Father together!

Join us this Saturday at 5:30

~Pastor Cole


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