Easter @ Gather- Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Good Friday Service- Friday 4.6.12 @ 7:30PM 

Good Friday seems an odd name for the day set aside to remember the suffering and death of Jesus.  For the first disciples it was certainly anything but “good.”  Instead, it was a day of desperation and confusion, of faithlessness and denial, of abandonment and darkness.  It seems we are quick to all it “Good” Friday because want to deny the reality of desperation and loss and jump straight-away into Sunday.  But that was not a privilege afforded to those early followers of Jesus and it is one we should not be so quick to take.

Instead of rushing past Friday, I think we do well when we slow down and try to connect with the real feelings and experiences of that first Friday.  Why?  Well, because the reality is that we are all faced with days of desperation and confusion, faithlessness and denial, of abandonment and darkness throughout our faith journey.  Connecting with the disciple’s experiences on that first Friday helps us to face this reality and find real hope in knowing we are not alone in these feelings.  I invite you to join us this Friday night at 7:30 as we journey to the cross with Jesus and his first followers.  All ages are welcome and the service will last about an hour.

Worship Service- Saturday 4.7.12 @ 5:30PM

What do you make of the resurrection of Jesus?  This is actually a big question and can be taken in several ways.  Some of you will automatically engage the question considering, “did it really happen?” while others of you will ask, “what does resurrection even mean?” and still others will think in terms of, “what is the significance of Jesus’ resurrection?”  These are all questions we do not talk about nearly as much as we should.  Shoot, the resurrection of Jesus is the backbone of our faith and the single most significant event in human history.  While Christmas is usually considered the cornerstone of Christian celebrations, Christmas, quite literally, would not even exist if it were not for Jesus’ Resurrection.  Had Jesus’ not been resurrected, he would have been racked up as one of the many failed messiahs of his time.  Truly, the only reason we celebrate Jesus as anything more than a humanitarian, a rebel or a madman is that he was resurrected!

Truly, Jesus’ resurrection is a matter of first importance.  So, this Saturday at Gather, we will be following in the footsteps of the first disciples as they came to grips with Jesus’ resurrection hoping that we might do the same.

We will be discussing these three question- What does resurrection even mean?  Was Jesus resurrected?   And, of utmost importance, what is the significance of Jesus’ resurrection?

Please join us this Saturday at 5:30!

Brunch and Egg Hunt- Sunday 4.8.12 @ 10:30AM

Sunday we will be celebrating Jesus’ resurrection with brunch and an egg hunt!  We will begin at 10:30 with the egg hunt beginning at noon!  Please join us- everyone is welcome.


2 responses to “Easter @ Gather- Friday, Saturday & Sunday

  • Eric Farley

    I so wish I could be there.
    Blessings to you and your ministry.

  • mrs. richard fahey

    The family will be there to celebrate and remember this very important occasion with our church family!
    Love you Cole and your family!

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