Saturday 3.17.12 @ Gather

This Saturday is our monthly Service Worship and Meal Service.  Of course, it is also St. Patrick’s Day!

For Service Worship, we have several things happening.  A group of us are heading over to Friends Helping Friends of Lewis County’s “Free Day” at the fairgrounds.  Hopefully, they will be able to put us to good use cleaning up!  We will also be sending a crew to pick up trash in the neighborhood.  In addition, we keep a crew at the building to sort clothing bank items, cook and work on a few building projects.  Meet at the building at noon!

Starting at 5:30, we will transition to the meal service with a devotion considering the life of St. Patrick.  It seems that much of the world still celebrates his life with a special day, but few seem to remember he gave his life to love and follow Jesus.  We would do well to remember a bit of why we remember him.  We will also be blessed to hear about the life of a lovely lady who calls Gather her home.

The meal service will consist of corned beef and cabbage along with soda bread and minty desert!  YUM!

Wear green if you’ve got it!

~Pastor Cole


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