New Year’s Eve @ Gather

There is a time to remember the things God has done (e.g. Deut 4:9) and interestingly, there is also a time to forget them (Isa 43:16-19).  We are called to bring to memory what God has done so that we are sure to not forget God’s faithfulness and His ways.  However, if/when our remembering gets in the way of envisioning new things God is up to, he calls us to forget.  So, in light of Gather’s 1 year anniversary and the coming new year, this Saturday we are going to do a bit of remembering and if necessary, a bit of forgetting.  Please join us as we embark on a journey of remembering what God has done in and through us, but seeking to not let our remembering stifle hearing what God is doing in the new year and years to come.

Oh, yeah.  We are also planning to keep the building open after the service for those who may want to stick around to usher in 2012.  We will be hanging out, watching movies, eating popcorn and drinking espresso. As always, everyone is welcome.

~Pastor Cole


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