Gather Thanksgiving 2011 Update

So, I wanted to offer a quick update on Gather Thanksgiving 2011.  To put it simply, it was wonderful.  During the week of Thanksgiving we packaged and sent out 7 full Thanksgiving meals for families of 6.  They were warmly and thankfully received.  Then on Thanksgiving day, we cooked a bunch of Turkeys (5.5 in total – thanks Marcia and Jane) along with proportional quantities of all the traditional accompaniments (mmm, me like pumpkin pie).  Then, after the cooking was done (and after vast quantities of espresso had been consumed) and after giving thanks of course, we sat down (about 20 of us in total) and ate.  We then proceeded to package and distribute numerous serving of food to people living “on the edge” without a place to cook.  To say the least, the entire event was amazing and very meaningful.  Here is what one of our elders, Steve Willis had to say about the day.

There is something to be said about a nice sit down meal with the folks.  Warm fires, game on TV, laughter and naps are all fond memories.  However, there is a whole community of kind, soft-hearted, loving people, who find themselves in a struggle just to stay on the edge.  On thanksgiving 2011, Gather Church opened their doors and hearts with an out pouring of love and generosity.

There may not have been a hundred pallets of food with thousands of people being feed.  Even so, as small and humble as it was, the Kingdom of Heaven was surly glimpsed.  The amazing love that Jesus has given to us can and does change the heart.  My family and I will always remember Thanksgiving 2011.  Much more than handing out food we handed out love.  In love we serve.

Steve is right, it may not have been the biggest, but every”one” matters.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!!!

Bless you,

~Pastor Cole


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