Saturday 12.3.11 @ Gather

When I was a kid, I was quite excitable, especially when I was anticipating something for a long time.  I can remember times when our family had a trip planned, or I was hoping to get a particular gift or see a specific friend- wow, would I get excited.  I see the same thing in my boys.  Every day, for the last two weeks, Noah wakes up and asks, “is it Christmas?”  “No,” I have to tell him, “we still have ___ days to wait.”  But waiting and excitement go hand in hand, so I am happy Noah asks me every day and I am happy that he continues to be excited even though he has a long wait (for a 6 year old) ahead of him.  Why I am happy is that he has not given up hope.  He is learning to be patient while still maintaining the notion that Christmas day will come.  Why?  Well, because he trusts his daddy.

That is not unlike the people of Jesus’ day.  They were anxiously excited for the coming of the Kingdom of God.  People like Anna and Simeon (Luke 2) were waiting their entire lives to see the redemption and comfort that only the Kingdom of God could bring.  All their lives they watched in anticipation of hope’s appearing.  Why did they wait all their lives and not give up hope?  Well, they trusted their Daddy.  Today we have a similar hope separated only by the fact that we experience the Kingdom in a way they did not.  We have the benefit (a huge benefit) of being in the in-between time of the Kingdom’s dawn and its fullness- between King Jesus’ first coming and his second.  No doubt it is a tough place to live sometimes.  In-between comes with the joy of getting to catch glimpses of the Kingdom but often those glimpses make us groan all the more, along with creation, for the fullness of God’s reign on earth.  But, it truly is a privileged place because we have vision and expectation that is beyond what we could have imagined ourselves and the opportunity to be active participants in the KOG today.  Of course, we must maintain our anxious anticipation of hope and seek to live lives worthy of the Kingdom we are inheriting.  So, why should we maintain this hope some 2k years later?  Well, because we trust our Daddy.

Please join us this Saturday as we worship our Heavenly Daddy, remembering our hope and anticipating the second coming of Jesus the King!


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