Saturday 11.5.11 @ Gather

Many of you know I am an avid cyclist (that may be an understatement in some people’s opinions).  Cycling is an activity I thoroughly enjoy and one my family enjoys together.  We ride together, race together and talk cycling together.  It is also an important social activity for us.  Many of the friendships we have forged with fellow cyclists will last a lifetime and beyond.  Cycling is a very life-giving experience for our entire family.  However, cycling is also an activity that can consume me if I am not careful.  I can burn away countless hours training, thinking about training, working on bikes and that’s not to mention racing itself.  I have to work to make sure I have my priorities straight.  I must remember that, while cycling is a very fun activity, I am not to be defined as a cyclist- that is not my calling.  I am, however, called to be a disciple, a dad, a husband and a voice of hope in a broken world.  While I certainly have an opportunity to be a cyclist while being those things, I am not to offer up the “best of me” to cycling.  I often hear a voice asking me, “do you love me more than these?” while all the while visions of bicycles flash before my eyes.  This is God’s way of keeping me in check- His way of making sure I am consumed by His call, not by my activities.  While my answer is always “yes,” (because I truly do love Jesus and His people more than bikes), my actions are not always in keeping with that reality and I have to make adjustments.

This week, as part 3 of our series on Call and Commission, we are going to discuss what consumes us by looking at two prominent biblical figures, Jonah and Peter.  The lives of these men are actually quite similar.  Both men were called to proclaim God’s message of hope to Gentiles, both were reluctant, and both were consumed by fish (really!).

If you ever struggle with discovering how your activities fit in a life of faith, please join us Saturday at 5:30.


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