Saturday 10.22.11 @ Gather

Procrastination [proh-kras-tuh-ney-shuhn].  Whatever you do, don’t let the mention of that nasty word compel you to put off reading this post.  It seems that the very mention of the word gets our blood boiling because it serves as a reminder of the things we need to be doing.  But for now, take a deep breath and relax.  When it comes to our struggle with procrastination, we are in good company.  Putting off what needs to be done is something even the most vigorous, passionate and inspired people find themselves having to work to overcome.

As for the things we put off, it is unfortunately, not just the little things of life we avoid.  We often find ourselves avoiding the very thing that gives our life purpose and meaning, that is, our God-given call.  Here too, we are in good company.  We are, by no means, hard pressed to find even key biblical figures avoiding, running and hiding; making every excuse under the sun, even asking God to find someone else, in an attempt to avoid what they know they are called to do.

Moses, likely the greatest biblical figure next to Jesus, is no exception to this (actually, it seems Jesus is the only exception).  Most of the time we talk about Moses he is upheld as a wonderfully obedient man who understood God’s call and answered it powerfully.  While that might be the way things appear at different points in his life, it is certainly not the way his call got started.  Matter of fact, Moses resisted his call with so many excuses that  we are told “the LORDS’s anger burned against” him.  But, much to our (and Moses’) delight, God was patient with Moses and molded him into the man who would fulfill one of the most pivotal events in salvation history.

In glimpsing the life of Moses, we find both challenge and comfort.  Challenge, because discover that God’s purpose for our life is not something to take lightly.  And comfort, because we learn that God will work even with our weakness.  Pleas join us this Saturday as we discuss Moses- Out of Excuses.


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