Saturday 10.8.11 @ Gather

You have heard it said, “you can make a difference.”  The truth of the matter is, you do make a difference.  The question is, how big and for what???  Simply, what kind of impact do you make on the world around you and how significant is that impact?

Disciples of Jesus are called to impact the world and to do it with one thing (the Gospel of our God’s great love) in everything they do.  In this, disciples are to be single-minded and one.  However, exactly how that one call is to be lived out is quite diverse.  In other words, unity in Christ does not mean uniformity.

While we are called to be unified in Christ and unified in one call, not everyone is to be exactly the same.  The work of impacting the world with God’s Gospel is big and very dynamic and fulfilling this one call requires that we exercise a diversity of gifts and skills.  We work together like a body’s parts work together to accomplish a task.  You are unique and uniquely called to live out the one call of the Church–to touch the world with the one love of the One True God.  Since then, you are unique, and uniquely gifted to contribute to the one call of Jesus, what you do is vastly important and your choice to do or not do it makes a huge impact.   Yes, each and every person makes a difference.

Just as unity has multiplicity, what I mean by “The Impact of One” too, has multiplicity.  First, it means that we are one as we are called to make an impact for one call- to proclaim the Gospel of our God.  Second, it means that one person does make an impact for something.  Third, it means that united as one we can make a bigger impact than a bunch of soloists.


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