Saturday 9.10.11 @ Gather

Your eyes give you away.  They do.  Jesus calls the eyes, “the lamp to the body.”  They take light into the body and illuminate what is in there.  Jesus is saying that your eyes tell the story of what’s in you.  A “good eye” (or literally in the Greek, the “single eye”) is an eye that looks upon others in need with compassion and generosity while the “bad eye,” is one looks upon others with harshness and stinginess.  Jesus’ teaching on eyes is within a teaching concerned with, “storing treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy” as opposed to, “storing up treasure on earth where rust and moth do destroy.”  Storing up treasure in heaven is a matter of caring for the needs of the poor (see Mt. 19:21).  Jesus is also talking about the inability to serve two masters.  He will hate one or the other.  He is talking specifically about serving God and money.  You cannot do both!

Jesus is saying, what you do with what you see reveals who you serve.  He is challenging his followers to consider how they look upon others.  With compassion or harshness?  Is there a willingness to part with earthly treasure to care for others or is that earthly treasure more important?  Does what you do with what you see and have, reveal that you serve God or money?  Because, if you are neglecting to care for others,  failing to be compassionate and generous because you treasure earthly treasure over others’ well-being, you serve money not God.

But Jesus calls us to be full of light, to serve God by looking upon others with compassion and generosity.  In so doing, we will store up truly lasting and meaningful treasure in heaven.   This makes me wonder, what if we pursued the heavenly treasure with the same tenacity we pursue earthly treasure?  Imagine what we would we accomplish if people focused not on pursuing earthy wealth, but pursued human good with the same vigor?  It is almost hard to imagine that world, but one day, it will be a reality.  So, what about you?  Is what is currently in you light or darkness?  What is in your eyes?


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