Saturday 8.13.11 @ Gather

When you look around, what do you make of the world you see?  What do you make of the joy?  What do you make of the suffering?  What do you make of the love and of the hate?  What do you make of life and what do you make of death?  Is the world, the way it is, supposed to be that way?  Is pain, hate, disease, decay, even death just part of the world as it is supposed to be?  If we really are (as so many seem to believe)  just a random bunch of atoms developing on our own and with only the meaning we give ourselves, then the world is as it should be.  Suffering, disease and decay are then just the natural consequences of the randomness of life.  But if that is the case, what explains love, what explains joy, what explains the desire to preserve life and seek justice, and what in the world explains the fact that we grieve death?   If things are just as they are supposed to be, then why do we long to find a remedy for death (at least premature death- whatever that is)?  If someone lost a child and their response was “Oh well, my child died, it’s just the way life is supposed to be” we would call them heartless and declare there was something seriously wrong with them.  So why do we live in so many ways like that is the truth?  Maybe, just maybe, the answer is that we are not random, maybe we were created with great intentionality and for life!  Maybe the world as we know it is not as it is supposed to be.  Maybe it is broken.  Maybe suffering, decay, disease, hatred and death (and our desire to overcome them) are evidence that the world is broken.  Maybe our origins are meaningful far beyond what we could imagine.  And the one who made us with such great intentionality is redeeming us with great intentionality!  That, my friends, is the truth discovered in Jesus.  God is a creator and a healer.  We are not random, but made with great intentionality.  The world is broken, but the creator is in the process of healing his creation- restoring us to the image in which we were made, and all of his creation to its great intention.  That healing, begins now!



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