Saturday 7.23.11 @ Gather

We have all heard of “guilt by association” (the fallacy that you share the guilt of the company you keep), but how about “guilt by disassociation?”  Is it possible that there is such a thing as being guilty because you refuse to keep the company of certain people?  While not every disassociation is wrong, there are, I would argue, at least two reasons for the existence of guilt by disassociation.  Reason one: disassociation, in many situations, keeps a person from meeting the needs of others and thus, the person is guilty of not loving as one would like to be loved.  Reason two: disassociation from say, “sinners” often presumes one’s own sinless or lesser-sinful state and potentially keeps a person from recognizing one’s own need for mercy.  Ironically, disassociation is often sin masquerading as sinlessness.  Truly, not one of us is free from guilt (justified) because we are actually guiltless, rather, we are justified because of the mercy of God!  Mercy is what we need only ask for– assuming we know we need it!  When someone denies one’s need for mercy, it would be better for one to find oneself in an utterly undeniable situation that one might recognize one’s need, turn and be healed, and in turn, seek the healing of others!


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