Saturday 7.16.11 @ Gather

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”  What?  Eating with enemies!  Really???  Actually, that is a quote from the much-beloved Psalm 23 and it is certainly an interesting thing for the Psalmist to say.  A meal in the presence of his enemies?  What in the wide wide world of sports does he have in mind with this meal?  Is he intending to gloat while he eats and his enemies hungrily look on?  Or maybe he is expecting God to carve out a tranquil place for him to eat in abundance while a world of chaos created by his enemies swirls around him?  While these are both quite possible something goes clunk with these perspectives.  Instead, it seems more likely that imagines God making peace with the Psalmist and his enemies and they are sharing a meal together.  In this case it is a beautiful picture of God bringing peace and abundance where there once was war and scarcity.  This is the most likely read of Psalm 23 not because it sounds better but because reconciliation is one of the top priorities of God Almighty.  His is in the business of reconciling people to himself and, in keeping, reconciling people to one to another and bringing true peace.

Remembering God’s work of reconciliation is one reason we share a meal together once a month at Gather.  Food and beverage is provided.  Please, come and experience a meal in the presence of friends!


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