Saturday 6.25.11 @ Gather

A couple weeks ago, my lovely wife Kat made bread and, as it turned out, forgot to add one essential ingredient.  While the bread’s appearance was fine, it became obvious, after taking one bite, that something was just not quite right especially given her bread is normally amazing.  Not wanting to sound unappreciative, and knowing this was an anomaly, I just ate it with a tight lip.  The next day, Kat indulged me with the reason for the not-quite-right bread.  “I forgot the salt,” she said.  “Ah yes, that’s it,” I thought.  With this knowledge the problem was easily remedied with a couple taps from the shaker and all was right with the bread!  For whatever reason (I am trying not to be technical here), salt just makes things taste right.  And not just taste right, salt also preserves as well as heals.  The same is true, or should be true, of the people of God- the laos.  Jesus said to his disciples, “You are the salt for the earth.”  Where life is bland, they are to make it savory, where life is decaying they are to preserve, where people are wounded and hurting they are to bring healing.  Why?  Because the covenant people of God are to be “on about” what God is “on about” and those things are what God is and always has been on about.  


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