Saturday 6.11.11 @ Gather

The Beatitudes speak of God’s faithfulness- his kingdom is coming.  The Beatitudes speak of God’s justice- his kingdom’s rule and reign means justice.  The difficulty is, while God’s kingdom has dawned it’s fullness has not yet come.  We live in an in-between time where the corruption of this world has not been place fully under the one true King’s feet.  Thus, we live in a place where people are poor, where we mourn, where the meek are oppressed, where people are hungry and thirsty, where mercy is rare, where few are pure and peacemaking is a lost skill and where persecution must be endured.  Seeking to live justly now often means suffering at the hands of injustice.  But it also means blessing because the Great I AM, who was faithful to inaugurate his kingdom, is faithful and will fulfill it!


One response to “Saturday 6.11.11 @ Gather

  • Russell Kinzer

    Truly brother, i see many o f “us” walk around on a daily basis, just being and not LIVING. Today I witnessed a moment of man (human), walking around another one of our Fathers creations as she stood there helpless and in need, not knowing how to ask or what to ask as her 3 little ones sat in the back of her car. She was standing there with jumper cables in hand in front of a 7eleven as men and women, “men” in uniform from our military, walked by her and continued on their way. I asked her if she needed some help..she replied yes. After I helped start her car, she said to me, you are a blessing from our Jesus.
    What has become of us that we don’t/ cant recognize the poor, widowed and sick, or just unable, and then step out for them. Step away from “our ” importance and what we have going on to do what we have been asked to do? Take care and love one another unselfishly, to be like Jesus, meeting needs. I await for the day that we are redeemed, the day that this place (earth) is taken back unto our Fathers reign. That is pure joy and excitement in my heart.

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