Saturday 5.21.11 @ Gather

This Saturday is our monthly meal service.  Biblically speaking, meals were a big deal.  They were a very special time of connecting with one another; sharing a meal with someone meant you accepted and embraced them as a friend.  Sharing a meal also meant that you shared their level of “ritual purity.”  Most people discriminated concerning who they ate with in order to avoid guilt by association.  Jesus however, reformed this entirely.  He shared meals with anyone and everyone from the pompous religious elites to the greatest of sinners.  He taught us it is “what comes out of you that makes you unclean” not what goes in or who you eat with.  As a matter of fact, what makes one unclean is when “what comes out” is the refusal to love and embrace the broken and wounded of the world.  Besides, we have to remember, we are all in the same boat.  We are all sinners made clean by our association with Jesus.

While meals do not carry quite the same significance today, they are still important opportunities to connect with people and share life together.  So, with this in mind, Gather Church has sought to build sharing meals into the fabric of our worship.  This month we are kicking off spring (finally!) with a BBQ style meal.  The evening will begin with a few words shared by Cole and a testimony, which will be followed by food and fellowship.  Everything is provided so please join us.


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