This Saturday 4.16.11 @ Gather

Often, when we pray, our prayers state not what we are really feeling but what we, for some odd reason, think God wants to hear.  It’s almost as if we think that if we pray ‘just right’ then God will show us favor.  Well, I am here to say, that’s a total load of, well, bull.  God calls us to be real with Him.  Besides, He already knows what we are thinking- we don’t need to pretend.  God does not call us to pretend that all situations are easy or desirable.  Truly, not all situations are delightful EVEN when they are God’s will.  Pretending tough situations are not tough does not really get us anywhere.   It does not help us discern, it does not help us deal, it does not help us capture that God really does know and care even when we are called into situation where we feel like he does not.  Jesus does not pretend pray, not ever.  He prays the truth and sets an example for us that frees us in faith to pray what we really feel.  Join us this Saturday as we talk about “Praying the Truth.”


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