This Saturday 4.2.11 @ Gather

Patience– it is something we all need!  However, unlike many things in our consumer-driven society, it is not a commodity nor is it something that can be technologically “attained.”  Rather, patience is learned through being in situations where patience is required.  It is cultivated, grown, and reaps a harvest.  It is also something we seem to have less of these days.  We are so used to getting everything in a hurry it seems unnatural and agitating when we to have to wait on anything.  Instant gratification is so intertwined in our cultural fabric that we fail to even recognize that we are being instantly gratified– we have simply come to expect things NOW!   The closest we do come to recognizing our demands for instant gratification is when we have to wait 5 min for a burrito, 2 min for a coffee, more than 2 days for our latest gadget or over 60 seconds for the latest tune to download.  But, even then, the only recognition we make is that we are not being instantly gratified.  Seldom do recognize the historical uniqueness of our situation, let alone do we realize what we are losing.  It is this, what we are losing, that concerns me the most.  Importantly, it is not just patience we lose but also, and possibly more importantly, the things that require patience.  Our gluttonous embrace of things instantly attainable have led us to ignore or even reject the things that are not within our control to make instantly attainable.  Things like love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, self-control, friendship, dedication, wisdom, hope and waiting on God are simply displaced for the things we can have instantly.  Guh, it’s true, in the pursuit of things “now” we exchange a nice pot roast dinner for a Big Mac and fries and meaningful relationships for a tweet.  And, not unlike nutrition’s counterpart to instant gratification a.k.a.- “fast food”- it turns out a diet of things void of patience is insufficient to satisfy or sustain life.  So, what do we do NOW?


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