This Saturday 3.26.11 @ Gather

Life: A Series of James– Pt. 4

What motivates you?  What drives you to get up every morning and go about your day?  Though there are many motivations a person could point to, much, if not most of the world is motivated by fulfilling wants and desires– by satisfying human pleasures (for you C.S. Lewis fans think Edmund and “Turkish Delight”).  The crazy part is that far too often our wants and desires are extremely fickle and dictated to us by the world.  You know the way it works.  You see something you didn’t know you needed, you “realize” gotta have it and you strategize how to get it.  Then, usually sooner than later you realize it is outdated, empty and powerless to bring anything of value.  Only then do we look back to see the the carnage that came in getting it.  That is, if we have the guts to even look.  If not, the cycle repeats.

James, the brother of Jesus, reminds us that being motivated by our selfish wants and desires results in fighting and quarreling– even killing.  But there is hope.  Our hope is what James calls MEGAGRACE!


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