This Saturday 2.26.11 @ Gather

How we understand our lives and the world around us is determined by our vantage point– it is about the perspective from which see.  For example, James, the brother of Jesus, tells us to see many of life’s trials as a reason for “pure joy.”  From most perspectives that sounds like complete hogwash.  However, according to James, trials are to be considered pure joy because they are the stomping grounds where human wholeness and maturity develop.  Of course, a proper perspective is essential to this “view.”  What’s yours?  No, seriously, what’s yours?


One response to “This Saturday 2.26.11 @ Gather

  • Steve Russell

    OK, my other post was meant to be a reply here. My perspective is identified in and through Christ, deicated (freud again!) dedicated to being a witness that Jesus is a good creator God, choosing and chosen to be just and do justice. How cool is that?
    Love: Iceman.

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